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Comprehensive range of paint and decorating supplies in Ludlow

If you are looking for painting and decorating supplies in Ludlow, then contact Ludlow Homecare Ltd now.

Welcome to the world of colours

Welcome to the world of colours! With a mind boggling number of colours to choose from, we have a friendly expert to help you choose the paints from off the shelf. From pre-mixed colours and a huge number of mixed colours to an incredible number of possible colours, our in-store colour matching scanner will find the nearest available colour to your sample from a choice of over 16 million colours!

Painting supplies

There is a good selection of adhesives, scrapers, tables, brushes and rollers to make sure you have everything you need to complete the job.

A range of paints

We have multi-surface paints, primers, undercoats, Acrylic paints, spray paints, outdoor and indoor paints with gloss, satin, matt and silk finishes.

Paint Matching

Our staff members are fully trained to advise you on every step of mixing paints to match your colour. Just bring in a sample and let us do the rest.

Great prices

We have paints for all types of surfaces from the smallest Humbrol craft paints through to 10 litre tubs of emulsion at great prices.


What else do we stock?

We have a great choice of stains, varnishes, wood treatments and wood paint for all your outdoor needs with a choice of testers from the Cuprinol Garden Shades range to help you get the colour right. We supply tester pots for Dulux and Johnstone’s. Our specialist range of paints includes Bedec, which is a multi-surface paint able to cover almost any surface including guttering, copper pipe and plastic.

We have a choice of wood chip and lining paper in stock and a selection of beautiful wallpapers are available to order through our range of sample books, most are available for delivery.

Get in touch with us now to find out about our bathroom and kitchen fitting services.

Hippo Paint Wipes

Multi Purpose Bamboo Trade Wipes

Hippo Multi Purpose Bamboo Trade Wipes are environmentally friendly and will successfully remove dirt & grime including most paints, oils and adhesive. Finally a sustainable multi-purpose cleaning wipe!

These responsibly sourced wipes surpass other types of wet wipe product. This is because they’re made from 100% bamboo, which makes them fully biodegradable.

Most other wet wipe products made for building, decorating and DIY use, are produced using polypropylene. Wet wipes made from polypropylene are more harmful towards the environment because they don’t biodegrade over time.

Our new bamboo wipes are fully compostable. When disposed of, in suitable waste conditions, they will begin breaking down from just 2 months.

Dermatologically tested and safe to use with all skin types.

Hippo Ultimate Sealant Adhesive

Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive Technology 

Incredible Versatility: This product is different from ordinary sealants and adhesives because it has superb instant grab and high bond strength. Which means you can use it to stick almost any type of building material to any other type. Additionally, it is permanently elastic by up to 25%, so it can keep joints watertight even if they are constantly under stress.

Apply in Wet Conditions: Just like the incredible Hippo PRO3, this product can be applied in wet environments and will even dry when underwater. This ensures that you can work without interruption, even when the conditions are not perfect.

Safe For Food Preparation Areas: Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive has been certified food safe. This allows it to be used for sticking, filling, and sealing exposed joints around food preparation areas. As a result you can confidently use it in commercial kitchens, where good food hygiene is mandatory.

Long Lasting Durability: In addition to its high bond strength, this product features a natural anti-fungal formula. So you can trust it keep things where they are supposed to be, as well as free from ugly mould growth.

Customer Review


Everything you need in one place, well stocked shop and helpful staff too.

Jonathan Brough


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