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Cookshop in Ludlow

Ludlow Homecare Ltd is a large cookshop in Ludlow with a huge selection of items in stock.

Our cookshop

We stock a wide range of items including buckets, mops, brooms, brushes, bins, washing line, dustpan and brush sets, wheely bins, dustbins, clothes pegs, clothes airers, ironing boards, ironing board covers, waste paper bins, clothes baskets, pedal bins, rugs, mats, fire bricks, fire surrounds, companion sets, coal scuttles and more. If we haven’t got it, we’ll do our best to get it for you.

Customer Review


We have just moved into the area and a neighbour said we should visit this shop. We needed lots of new items for our house and found them all here . Fantastic! 


We have it all for your kitchen

From saucepans and cutlery to kitchen implements and crockery, we have everything that you need in your kitchen.

To find out about all our products, visit us now.

Xmas at Ludlow Cookshop

Xmas is ready in our Cookshop!

Xmas is often a tome when we cook more and need more kitchen implements. Especially if you have family coming round. If you find you are short of anything or want to get a personal gift for a close friend for their kitchen, take a look round our Cookshop at Ludlow Homecare.

We have everything you might need for the festive season your kitchen.

To find out about all our products, visit us now.



Mon - Sat from 9am to 5pm

Tues - Sat 9am to 5pm

Free Delivery for all orders over £50
For orders below £50 delivery is £5 in Ludlow / £10 Outside Ludlow

We will be respecting the Social Distancing rules so will need to limit the numbers of customers at any one time to protect our staff and customers.
Tel : 01584 874554

We look forward to seeing you again soon!