40 Years of Ludlow Homecare
Celebrating 40 years in business is a huge accomplishment – congratulations! Take us back to 1983 where it all started, and tell is how the business got to where it is now?

Having managed a builder’s merchant in Bridgnorth for some 10 years, I always wanted to have a shop of my very own. I needed to find a suitable location and I searched
the whole of Shropshire trying to find it. Ludlow had everything I wanted – there was the town, but also a large catchment area of many villages and neighbouring towns.
I settled on a 3,000 square foot unit by the banks of the Teme here in Ludlow, which was the ideal location. Many store chains have tried and failed to trade in Ludlow, but we are an independent local business and that has been the key to growth. It could very easily have gone the other way; I have acquired all but one of the original trading units at Ludford Bridge over the years, as others regretfully closed. Today we are still going strong and expanding while others are holding back.

Look out for the new kitchen showroom, then the bedroom and bathroom showrooms to follow later this year.

You’ve been invited to meet the King – not an invitation many receive! How did this come about? I was delighted and honoured to receive the 40 Years of Ludlow Homecare invitation to meet the King. To say I was shocked when it arrived in the mail would be an understatement. It was to recognise the contribution of small business
to the economy of the United Kingdom, at a reception held with the King, the Earl of Wessex, the Duke of Gloucester and the Duke of Kent. I was just pleased to be invited in the same company as people such as Peter Jones and Grant Shapps.

Tell us about your grand opening for your brand new kitchen showroom on Monday 3rd April this year? I took the decision to employ a very successful and experienced businessman to handle this project. Totally redesigning and rebuilding the interior and managing to secure the rights to sell Laura Ashley kitchens and bedrooms. This is a very big deal as only one in every eight applications are successful. I had been toying with the idea for some time and now it’s become a reality. We are also so grateful to
Mr Alistair McGowan for kindly agreeing to open the new showroom.
There will also be renowned chef Sophie Hyam doing a cookery demonstration on the day, so we hope people will come down.

Image is David Bowen on his 40th Anniversary of being in business. 3rd April 1983 to 3rd April 2023 !!!

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